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Daily snap shot

Good evening girls and boys

Sorry Ive been a little quiet recently, I've been really busy sorting out quite a few things in the trading world, and slowly getting there.

I have some interesting developments in my trading world.

As I'm sure the more observable of you out there might have noticed a couple of updates to my website.

Here for now is the daily snap shot


BABA 1.04% 2.82%


BAC -1.02%

Tsla -2.76%

Fslr -4.37%

NVDA 1.46%

UG.PA -1.11%

AMD -2.59%

KEY -1.02%

All in all not a very good day for the stocks, but could have been a lot worse.

In the Crypto side of things I've managed to close a few more Ethereum trades on the way up to reduce our exposure even more to reduce risk. I will still be day trading on the cryptos how ever believe that there will be a big correction in the run up to their soft fork in the not too distant future so want to keep our exposure lower with the added benefit of keeping our risk score lower.


BTC -2.38% the only one lagging at this point in time

Ethereum 9.49% One of the highlights of the day, and nope have a couple of small orders waiting for the inevitable correction.

XRP 13.01% The stand out performer of the day! Managed to close out a couple of trades with the 4% rule I have, and hoping to open up some more positions on any corrections there are to capitalise on this sleeping giant.

ETC 4.28% One of the middle of the road today on eToro, good to see this finally making some moves.

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