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Daily snap shot Copiers Edition

Daily snap shot Copiers Report

Well after receiving the disheartening new that i am un-copiable and doing a fair amount of my own assessment of my own account, i believe that there has even a mistake made so hoping that i will beable to get it cleaned up really quickly.

Here we go with the winners and losers report.


Ea 1.29% Its about time it started making headways upwards, getting ever closer to being in the green on our leveraged trades.

BABA 1.12% coming up to the report tomorrow before the bell the stock is getting pushed up on anticipation. The consensus is $0.92 and a whisper of $0.96 so we could see an increase in value tomorrow at the open.


BAC -1.68% along with much of the finacial sector it has gone soft, possibly down to trump disbanding the council.

NVDA -1.35% -1.23%

GS -1.11%

AMP -1.11%

AMD -3.61%


BTC 4.47% After coming up to almost another all time high, there has been a minor correction.

Ethereum 5.23% Seems like BTC has raised all the ships in the cryptos

XRP .9%

ETC 4.69%

I believe at this point in time BTC has the most potential as a steady climber, There are major rumors that one of the big banks will include BTC with in a hedge fund to increase profits and therefore could sky rocket if any of them include it.

I believe it is only a matter of time until this happens.

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