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August 8, 2017





Welcome to today's snap shot... 


It's a little later than normal but ive had a lot on my plate today away from the stock markets, but managed to set up a few orders and trailing stop losses through out the day so protected some profits 


Here's today's breakdown of winners and losers. 

Can all copiers please go to the copiers section if your not there already for a more in-depth report and foot notes. 




Tsla 2.83% 


AMP 1.03% 


Jd.ch 1.24% 


Well that's all the winners in the stocks today 


Here's the losers 

FSLR -1.5% 



NVDA -1.19% 


NFLX -1.64% 


AMD -2.38% 



All of them have really firmed up today giving us the opportunity to cash out some of our day trades along with some of our slightly longer positions. 


The Copiers section is now open, please find the copiers version in there by signing up, its the only way that I could find a way to separate the two and dont worry its free to sign up for the more in depth posts!




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