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Here's what are expecting

EARNINGS: Apple is expected to earn $1.57 per share,this is according to the consensus of analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters, compared with $1.42 a share the year before.

GROSS MARGIN: The company expects between 37.5% and 38.5% in the quarter.

REVENUE: Analysts are looking for revenue of $44.89 billion, compared with $42.36 billion a year earlier. That would be a huge range for any 'normal' company. However the range Apple gave in May was between $43.5 billion and $45.5 billion.


Sales $45.41 billion, up 7.2%

Net $ 8.72 Billion, up 11.9%

Adjusted EPS $1.67

Unit sales

iPhone sales: Up 3.3% to 24.85 billion

" unit sales: up 1.55% to 41.03 billion

iPad sales: up 1.9% to $4.97 billion

" unit sales: up 14.8% to 11.4million

The most important numbers that I feel should really be brought into focus is the 'Services' section.

The revenue from that has been growing quickly and is very profitable and high growth! If it was separated out as a solo business it could be listed as a Fortune 500 company.

Growth in China has once again fallen but not as much as last quarter, this is a good sign that it could be stopping the rot. India still hasn't woken up a huge amount yet but still looks interesting in the future.

For the next quarter 'back to school' quarter Apple has estimated

$49 billion to $52 billion in the three months through to September.

Compared to analysts projections of $49.1 billion.

Currently up more than 5%

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