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July 31, 2017



BTC fork information


At exactly 12:20 UTC (GMT) the fork will happen.  


Once this happens there will be two separate Crypto-currencies just the same as any other crypto out there apart from the Proof of Work (PoW). 


The currencies are going to be listed as 

Bitcoin-cash and Bitcoin core (the later will retain the use of the name Bitcoin along with the BTC ticker, for the meantime anyway) 


Once the nodes have been split they will be operated separately. 


The 'miners' will be able to easily swap and change from one to the other because of the similarities. This could effect BTC more because their upgrade will require some getting used to and adapted. 


Because of this most of the exchanges along with eToro have suspended trading. 


This may take a few days to resolve and will keep any information concerning eToro more specifically flowing as much as I can. 


So far limitations include; 

Increased maintenance margin on new positions (no longer concurrent as trading has been suspended) 

Increased margin rates for already open positions. 

Freezing of trading all together (openning or closing of positions and/or editing SL, TP) 


This could last for a couple of days and go into next week. 


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