July 31, 2017

BTC fork information

At exactly 12:20 UTC (GMT) the fork will happen.  

Once this happens there will be two separate Crypto-currencies just the same as any other crypto out there apart from the Proof of Work (PoW). 

The currencies are going to be listed as 


July 30, 2017

Week ending JULY 30 2017 

Doing some thing a little bit different this week than most others. In my weekly review i will cover the closed trades as well 

Closed trades 


AMZN 5.06%

NVDA 12.24%

EA 3.31%

AMD 14.3%


AMZN 8.37%

EA 3.85%

BTC 1.19%

Ethereum 2.14%


Btc 2%


July 28, 2017

Daily Snap-Shot 

JULY 28 2017 


It is almost as good to be pleasantly surprised by the lack of loss, than an expected green. 

Before i get on to the numbers i thought i would give you a little information of the past 24 hrs. 

I opened leveraged positions on $ea $amzn a...

July 28, 2017

First Solar Stock Report JULY 28 2017 

After smashing Earnings predictions First solar surged to a peak of 14% in after hours but then corrected by the market open. 

With a second quarter net income of $52 million, or 50cents a share. When compared to YoY $11.4 million,...

July 27, 2017

Amazon after hours report 

There were a couple of misses in the report that had a negative impact on the share price in the after hours market. 

EPS (GAAP) of 40 cents a share. Wall Street were expecting $1.42 a share according to bloomberg, this is due to the fact that...

July 27, 2017


After the bell today EA will publish its earnings report. 

So far everyone seems very bullish on this stock and it has been part of our portfolio for quite a while. 

I have recently closed a couple of smaller positions in EA because of my stock 'culling' to limit our e...

July 26, 2017

Daily update July 26 2017

well what an interesting day so far today. I'm thinking of adding something extra to the day's snapshot, of trades that were opened and closed of that day and what % of profit were made. 

But back to the snap shot so far today 


$ug.pa 3.3...

July 26, 2017

Here is the daily break down from the day. 

Amd is one of the anomalies of the day as in after market trading it smashed its projected earnings so traded up by almost 10% in after hours trading. 

Other winners of the day are Jd.ch, Signature bank, and Walmart. 

July 25, 2017

The earnings report was out after the market close today. 

Currently the stock is smashing the after hours market and at time of writing it is 8% up. 

Amd just managed to report an adjusted profit after everything was taken into account. With a profit of $0.02 EPS and wi...

July 25, 2017

Good Afternoon all Copiers and Followers and welcome to the daily snap-shot 

As most of you know this is the time of day that I report the daily gains and losses of more than 1% of the stocks in our portfolio to give us all a better picture of what the stocks are up to,...

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